What Questions Should I Ask a Roofer? – Andre Blog

This is a difficult job which requires expert knowledge. Consider the following concerns prior to hiring a roofing contractor to be sure that they have an appropriate amount of experience and have the necessary credentials in the field to perform the work.

Where is your address in your workplace? Your answer will reveal how authentic they’re. It might indicate a shoddy roofer.

What is your contractors’ license number? Roofers are required to have a license. Contractors who don’t hold a license can’t get the permits required for roofing projects. must be issued.

Are you covered by workers compensation insurance? This is super important. It is your policy or that of your homeowner. can hold them accountable if they do not follow this advice and get hurt during roofing work.

Do you have the ability to collect upfront money? The most reputable contractors do not collect upfront. When they do collect, it could be a red flag for you.

Do you offer a satisfaction promise? It isn’t a good idea to let them make a mistake and/or if they make a mistake. wrong. If they offer a satisfaction warranty, you’ll know that in the event of an issue that isn’t resolved and you’re not sure if they will give you your money returned.

For more details on the importance of asking these questions, watch the following video!


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