California Miramar University Climbs List of San Diego’s Top 10 MBA Schools

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San Diego, CA – November 21, 2013 – Since 2011, California Miramar University has proudly held the number 10 spot on the San Diego Business Journal’s list of Top 10 MBA Schools in San Diego County. This year brought a pleasant and well-deserved surprise, as California Miramar University moved upward to the ninth position. The journal’s widely read feature, “The List,” ranks top businesses in given industries and included MBA Hybrid programs, MBA online programs, and MBA on-campus programs on its San Diego MBA Schools List. The top two spots were awarded to San Diego State University and National University, respectively. California Miramar University is honored to be listed along with such respected and prestigious schools, though it boasts something the other listed schools cannot. At only $7,000 a year, California Miramar is the most affordable school on the list. An interview with one California Miramar University Graduate, Stephen B., Class of 2010, attested to the value of the program. “The degree has taken my marketing and consulting to a new levels. High-level presentations doubled my sales (seven months after graduation). Insight into the strategic planning process for a company has established my value as a reliable vendor that supports the businesses that I work with.” Stephen earned his degree from CMU’s hybrid MBA program, another feature that sets the university apart. California Miramar University offers its MBA program in two varieties: hybrid and 100% online. The MBA Hybrid program meets once weekly at 9750 Miramar Road, right off I-15, and is conducted online between weekly class sessions. This feature makes it a favorite for those in the workforce. Faculty combine academic and professional knowledge and are chosen based on academic qualifications, desire to teach, and firsthand professional experience. Students in CMU’s MBA program each select an area of emphasis between business administration, international business, finance, healthcare management, marketing, and technology management. The program accepts applications year-round, and new classes begin every eight weeks. For more information, visit or call the Office of Admissions at 858-653-3000, x12. Contact Name: Ilana Herring Company: California Miramar University Phone: 858-653-3000 x12 Email: Website:


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Why College Magazines Help You Navigate Through College

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Online college magazines
Are you about to start college? Do you have a family that wants to know what to expect from college? Are you just beginning to look at colleges? If so, you may want to consider online college magazines. Online college magazines not only discuss colleges, but also how to adapt to college life, and manage finances during and after college. Reading online college magazines can also prepare you for the new world college will likely expose to you.

Of Tutors and Technology

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It is always possible to get extra lessons for learning English or math. These are are not subjects that most American students like that much. But English tutors or maths tutors can greatly improve the performance of a student in these subjects. Tutoring goes back to before the days of modern schooling. In the Medieval or Renaissance period, tutors were often attached to aristocratic houses to educate the children.

Choosing Preschools Jackson MI

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Jackson day care
At some point or another, most parents will leave their child in the care of another person. And doing so can actually have numerous benefits: day care and preschool help children’s personal, social, economical, and emotional development. And, although some academic learning can take place in preschool, children benefit primarily from the social aspects of early educational settings. However, leaving your child in the care of another isn’t always easy and choosing child care for your child, such as a preschool, is perhaps one of the most important choice you will ever make as a parent, especially in regards to early child care. Interestingly, a two year old child is generally more active than at any other point in their life and adds around 5 new words to their vocabulary every day. And overall, during the first few years of life, a human being is capable of absorbing more information at a time than they will ever be able to again. Therefore, at this stage in life, proper care and stimulation is critical. When looking into different options for child care jackson mi, such as Jackson day care or preschool Jackson MI, there are several things to consider.