Getting FAR Too Close to a Tornado – The Film Frame

learn more about these freaks of the natural world. The job is extremely risky. As you will see in this clip, one storm chaser can be very close to a tornado. A roofer could be required to replace or repair shingles that are damaged by the force of a tornado.

Reed Timmer is a meteorologist and storm chaser with AccuWeather. At the beginning of 2016, he was chasing a storm near Wray, Colorado. As he drove down the dirt road, he noticed a funnel coming down out of the heavens. He was searching for the perfect tornado. The funnel was perfect that was positioned on a flat surface. The tornado was clearly visible for this reason in addition to the fact it was not rain wrapped.

Reed and his crew got closer to the funnel. The funnel spun menacingly and sucked up massive amounts of particles. The funnel took on darker brown due to debris and dust. Reed moved closer to the tornado that was able to destroy everything it came across. It even turned several tractor trailers, and one even stopped the road.


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