How to Build a Wood Fence – Home Improvement Videos

The building of fences is not a tough job; it is important to pay minimal amount of attention to minor steps in order to build it like a professional.
First of all you need to check the property documents and draw the boundaries of your property. Wooden boards and pickets are able to use to create an attractive wooden fence. There is a way to create a see through fence and an ordinary fence to give you complete protection. Strings and batter boards are essential. Batter boards are comprised of furring strips. They aids in the movement of the strings around.
You must ensure that your fence is six inches more than the property line once you have constructed it with strings. Make the batter boards connect them to the string. The batter boards need to be 5.5 inches wide, and they should be covered by 0.5 inches to prevent it from collapsing during weather storms.
In order to construct a fence that looks like an expert, you should use the pickets along each side of the border. There is a little bit extra space in front of the gate so that you can build the fence with wood. Once you’ve set the string line make holes each 8 inches for the pickets. Mark the lines with batter boards. Fix your pickets to the nail. Once you’re finished fixing batter boards, the process of fence building is done. pm4lj3ntpk.

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