Why You Should Speak with a Disability Lawyer Before Filing a Lawsuit – Dan Park Law Group


If you are applying for disability-related benefits, make sure that you speak with an attorney. If denied, you should consult the lawyer. Aside from hiring a legal professional, what other factors should people with disabilities think about while applying for benefits? Jonathan Ginsberg is a social security attorney for disabled people. In his YouTube video “Should you talk to an attorney who is specialized in disability before submitting the application for benefits” that you should not provide information regarding employment when you’re applying. It’s essential to build an established relationship with specialist doctors who are adamant about disability.

The video also demonstrates the necessity to visit a physician to determine the severity of your impairment and determine the entitlement of disability benefits before visiting the disability law office. A doctor must emphasize limitations that prevent you from being productive at work.

However, you may get denied benefits if the medical professional doesn’t believe disabled people exist and believe in an independent lifestyle. You must make sure you’re in no way taking prescription medications prior to making an application to receive benefits.

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