What to Expect During Divorce Mediation? – Lawyer Lifestyle

What can you expect to see during the divorce process

Couples looking for a divorce are able to reach mediation different methods. Mediation is often not needed or effective. In general, both parties should consult with an attorney in order to settle any property or financial disputes.

If there are points where the couple are not aligned however the disagreement is not so massive to warrant a court action and a mediation might assist. A mediator is hired to help settle conflicts in a non-biased manner.

It is a good idea to bring your personal attorney for the mediation because also, the mediator’s impartial. You must are able to find someone who is effective. Attorneys can prepare a mediation statement with their clients as a summary of the situation.

You will be able to discuss the matter with your spouse , as well as lawyers during the time of mediation. They will listen to each side and work out the details of each disagreement.

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