Quick Meals for On-the-Go Families – Healthy Family Recipes

The speaker suggests that the consumer purchase cherry tomatoes in preparation for this meal. Cherry tomatoes can be small in dimension. The reason to use cherry tomatoes is the fact that an individual can stew them down in a relatively short time period, as opposed to the long process of making bigger tomatoes.

The first stage that speaker discusses for this meal is the boiling of water. The best option is to utilize an enormous crockpot, and bring the water to the boiling level prior to beginning the cooking. The crockpot will be used for the pasta.

The second step is to prepare the pan separately on low temperature for the tomatoes. A speaker suggests cutting an onion into small pieces so it cooks fairly quickly. You must coat the pan in olive oil after dicing the onion. In the next step, you should slice the garlic while cooking the onions. Once the garlic is sliced, it and the tomatoes are added to the pan, and the lid should be shut. The rest of this yummy meal by watching the instructional video. 8ngmhlnuwh.

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