Extension Cord Safety For This Holiday Season – House Killer

It can be a problem in the Christmas season, as there are a lot of lights and other decor items that you need to be connected to. To prevent any problems with extension cords take these guidelines in this video into consideration.

Don’t Let Cords Dangle
If you have cords that hang from an extension cord, you could possibly encounter issues due to their tangles and create the risk of tripping, in addition to the chance for them to get damaged in other ways. To prevent problems such as such, ensure that your cords are well-organized.

Never plug an extension cord into another.
If you have run out of power outlets on your extension cord, think about what you could unplug or how you can rearrange your electronics that you’ve put into. If you want to expand your selection of outlets, do not plug an extension cable into a cord that you’ve previously. It will not be possible to connect the extension cords within your existing outlets. This can lead to many threats and issues which include a risk of burning fire. hov8r8ligt.

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