One Year Old Girl Buys Car, This and Other Updates from AP News

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The Associated Press, or AP News Wire, is a not for profit cooperative that is owned by its contributing radio, tv, and newspaper stations. AP collects news from over 1,700 newspapers. Here are some of the big AP press releases from this week.

1. Remember the Boston Strangler? Forensic evidence has finally helped investigators link their longtime suspect, Albert DeSalvo, to the very last slaying that occurred. DNA from the scene proved a familial match to DeSalvo, and his remains will now be exhumed in order to provide investigators the chance to make a definitive, exact comparison. The Boston Strangler killed eleven Boston area women in the early 1960s.

2. Texas Republicans have finally passed a restrictive abortion bill, despite much resistance from rights activists and democrats over the past several weeks. The bill originally failed to win support, then died after a 13 hour filibuster led by Senator Wendy Davis. AP Newswire says that the bill restricts when abortion pills can be taken, bans abortions past 20 weeks, and requires performing doctors to have admittance privileges at hospitals.

3. In a more humorous story, one Portland man, Paul Staute, was surprised to learn his daughter had bought him a car. With his money. On eBay. And how old is she? Not quite old enough to drive herself, at one year old. Staute says that he has been looking at cars, thinking of doing a rebuilding project. He now has a 225 dollar fixer upper, and nowadays, both he and his wife are using password protections.

4. AP Rome news wire reports that thousands of citizens in Rome have been marching to protest high unemployment in the country. In April, unemployment rose to 12 percent, one of the highest levels on record. Joblessness is now at 40 percent for citizens younger than 24. Rome news wire explains that the economy of Italy has been shrinking every quarter since mid 2011.

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