Installing Your Car Stereo Properly – Dub Audi

It’s an emergency stop and immediately disconnect the battery’s negative end to be sure that it doesn’t cause sparks or flames. To prevent it from not reconnecting properly, make sure that you do not place it within the reach of children.

After that, you can remove the dash , and then reveal the speaker. Speaker grills are removed by unscrewing the screws at the edges of each grill. The bolts that keep the grills to each other must be removed. The speaker grilles will have to be removed since they block the wiring harnesses of the car’s stereo system.

If you own a factory-installed stereo system that includes tape player, you can use the same method as above to remove the cassette deck. It is important to note that, if you’re not planning to replace the tape deck, it is possible to leave it off. When you’ve installed the new stereo, you’ll need to set up the deck over again, in the event that you plan to replace it. Connect the stereo’s wire harnesses to your system. Connect the negative terminal of the stereo to the previous stereo’s positive terminal. nrlmm844jo.

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