How Is LIDAR Surveying Used? – SCHUMM

There are many industries that have employed this technology to build buildings and to map topography within their regions. You’re interested in finding out more information about how LIDAR surveying is used? This is the place for you. There are many of the ways that this technology could be utilized to improve the efficiency of various industries. One area that LIDAR technology has made huge strides is autonomous vehicles. LIDAR technology allows autonomous vehicle makers to build sensors that will allow autonomous cars to be able to scan the surroundings. The vehicle’s systems will be alerted to any roadblocks, like cyclists, pedestrians, or cyclists. The technology lets vehicles be able to safely stop when pedestrians cross the road and to avoid road hazards. Agriculture is another sector that LIDAR technology plays an important function. LIDAR surveys are used by the agricultural sector to discover where crops can grow and for clearing out plants to allow for new growth.

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