Good Samaritans repair Riverview charity worker roof – Cyprus Home Stager

people are helping an old lady of charity through the an roof repair on her house. There was a water leak, so people offered for roof replacement.
Her roof was flooding with rain. roofing, creating the roof to be damaged. Her clothes and food were at risk. Her concern was that she wanted to provide food and shelter to homeless individuals. It is her daily routine cooking food for people who are homeless and give the food to them in exchange for. She prepares food for more than a hundred people each week no cost. Therefore, she has fewer money to fix her roof or do roof replacement.
Local charities are aware of the elderly woman of 70 years who has a blindness to war, cooks every day. The charities collaborated with local roofing professionals to repair her roof. They work for a whole day working on the roof, then finally to replace it.
The price of work and supplies was paid through the charitable organizations. They were pleased to see they paid the charities for the materials and labor. 4i4oc2pior.

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