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. There is also the possibility of receiving additional amounts if your case in question is extra negligent. Punitive damages can be a form of punishment kind of dissuasion to ensure that the person who committed the offense does not repeat the action that caused the accident. The amounts of punitive damages could vary according to the presiding judge and what she decides.
If brakes that were not properly maintained caused the accident, who’s responsibility should it be?

Do you not know what questions to ask your lawyer in the aftermath of a car accident? Most people do not know which questions they should ask. You could be negligent and learn about faulty equipment. Sometimes, car accidents happen due to malfunctioning items such as brakes, wheels and more. In such situations, it may be difficult to pinpoint who’s at fault.

Manufacturer defects are the cause of many accidents . They could cause the accident that you were involved in. If you want to know more, contact the vehicle’s manufacturer to see the if they have any recalls related to the brakes or parts of the vehicle that led to the accident.

In the event that a malfunctioning part is identified in a vehicle and the car manufacturer was found to be responsible, they could be held accountable. In this case, the car manufacturer is the ‘offender,’ and your lawyer should communicate with the other party in order to negotiate an out of court settlement. It will proceed to the court in case no resolution is reached in the interim possibility, however, there’s an excellent chance an auto manufacturer will wish to end the dispute quickly and quietly.

Can I Still Get Money if I’m at Fault?

This is a different idea of what you can ask your lawyer in the event of a car crash. If you’re responsible for a portion of the accident and you’re not completely responsible, you could have a chance to get an settlement.

Your answer is dependent on the location that you are passionate about. Laws that allow a percentage of fault allows accident victims to get reimbursement, even when they are partially at fault.

What usually happens is that the amount of settlement decreases by the percentage of the


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