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If you’re searching for an overview of what a fire sprinkler inspection is like, for this reason it’s the right place. We’ll take a look at what a fire sprinkler inspection looks like so that you’re prepared during a fire sprinkler inspection. The fire sprinkler inspection starts with a check to make sure that the sprinkler equipment has been properly connected to their water supply. Most often, it is controlled via an easy valve which your fire sprinkler expert will examine as soon as they get to the location. It is important that you check that the sprinkler heads remain intact. Damaged or blocked sprinkler head could be detrimental to a firefighters’ sprinklers. Without a way for water to escape a sprinkler system won’t be able of putting out fires. It’s also important to check the electrical system, if it exists one, and connect it to an alarm system for fire. It is particularly important for foam fire suppression systems.

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