Understanding Family Law – Family Issues Online

Ey Brown Lawyer and Leader of the Family Law Team Kate O’Grady.

The family law area is concerned with the breakup of relationships or couples who are de facto, and also legal problems that might be triggered by the breakup.

Kate will be open and candid with you about the things she’s able to do for you. They’ll provide advice and information that will help you get a fast result that allows you to take the next step knowing that you and your family are in the best interest. Her experience spans over fifteen years.

This video focuses on a couple of the ideas which this video will focus on:

What does the word “family law” mean? What kind of cases could we assist you in? How will Kate respond to someone believing they need her help? What is the most commonly-repeated misconceptions in relation to family law? Do you have advice to those trying to settle family law disputes? What has Kate discovered from her years doing work in Family Law?

Seeing a lawyer does not assure you that you’ll wind before a judge. We focus on mediation and dispute resolution.

We try to resolve family law disputes outside of court when possible. 6qnizs7l17.

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