Types of Speech Disorders in Children – health-SPLASH

To isolate vocal cord spasms as being the cause of a shaky voice. SLPs usually work with an ear and nose doctor for diagnosis of the problem. To determine the exact diagnosis, a neurologist is also necessary.

When the diagnosis has been established, the SLP is in charge in coaching the child to enhance voice production. This coaching is often very helpful for minor cases. SLPs typically teach clients how to regulate their breathing. This is done so that the patient can learn to ensure a constant breath from their lungs.


This condition is often confused with stammering. It is another common type of disorder that affects speech in children. But there are a few differences. Cluttering usually happens in children who are intelligent, but also somewhat nervous in dealing with large groups of people. These children could be mistakenly identified with Asperger’s. It is not uncommon to find other inaccurate diagnoses for cluttering. This is a sign of how common the condition is, and that’s why you should consult with an SLP to ensure that the correct diagnosis of cluttering is done.

Cluttering is known as a fluency disorder. The signs of cluttering are fast spoken, fast speech. For the condition to be considered as noise, the speech of the child must also contain excessive amounts of terms such as ‘well’,’ ‘um,’ ‘hmm or’so.’ These are known as speech disorders. It is also prevalent in children who are unable to pronounce certain vowels.

The first indications of clutter begin to show up in the early years of childhood. As with the most fluency-related disorders, SLPs can deliver impressive performance. SLPs can make a significant contribution to reducing the amount of clutter in your home or completely eliminating it. It’s important that you bring the issue to the Attention of the LPS immediately you spot it on your child. This is because the chances of


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