New Industrial Handle Line Available from Reid Supply company

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New Industrial Handle Line Available from Reid Supply company

Major industrial provider adds great new selection of handles to its inventory

Muskegon, MI- September 30, 2013 – Reid Supply Company, a provider of industrial supplies for manufacturers and machine builders in more than 60 countries, has added 68 great new products to its inventory. The industrial handles it now carries will help Reid Supply Company better serve its extensive customer base.

Reid Supply Company added nearly 70 new handles, falling into four different categories, each of which is uniquely suited to the applications of manufacturers and machine builders. These handles, which are produced in a U shape to allow for strong grip without slippage, are divided into the following categories: adjustable handles, crank handles, grips, and pull handles.
Reid Supply Company is one of the largest suppliers of adjustable handles, and is adding four new products with this inventory update. The handles can be adjusted for easier use, are ideal for use in tight spaces and are available in zinc, plastic, and metal.

Twenty-four new products have been added to Reid Supply Company’s stock of crank handles, perfect for tasks requiring both leverage and strength. With the new additions, the inventory now includes plastic, steel, aluminum, die cast zinc, and malleable iron handles.

The new selection of grips accompanies Reid Supply Company’s recent release of new hand wheels, as the grips are designed to pair with those products. Handle grips are now available in vinyl and foam rubber. Many styles are available, including the Round Vinyl Grip, Rectangular Vinyl Grip and Sculptured-Style Foam Rubber Grip.

Thirty new pull handles were also added to Reid Supply Company’s industrial handle inventory, and are available in a variety of designs, ensuring that customers can find a handle to fit the look and feel of cabinets and cupboards. The new inventory includes cabinet hardware pull handles, guard pull handles, and folding pull handles.

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Reid Supply Company has been in business for more than 50 years and serves customers worldwide. Those who are interested in learning more about Reid Supply Company and their new line of industrial handles can visit online at or call toll free at 800-253-0421. Locals can visit at 2265 Black Creek Road, Muskegon, MI 49444.


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