How Traction Elevators Work – UNM Continuing Education

To begin, we must understand the way an elevator operates to begin with. Steel cables are connected to the top , and then move the elevator towards the top , where it is the machine space. The elevator is powered by an electric motor which is able to move the elevator upwards and down. Another thing that helps an elevator operate properly is a counterweight. The elevator’s counterweight, which is usually half its weight allows it to move smoothly both up and down. Additionally, the elevator has devices that can reduce vibrations while you’re riding the elevator. The safety features of a one-way traction elevator is excellent as it has numerous failure-safeties to ensure that the elevator doesn’t fall. Some traction elevators have a rubber stopper at the bottom, to make sure that the elevator won’t fall into a free fall. Safety is of paramount importance. It’s dangerous to use an elevator without closing the doors. 3jmi4jy3u5.

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