How to Remedy Groundwater Contamination from Gasoline Spills – Your Oil

Groundwater is a food source for bacteria. A few bacteria make use of Benzene for survival. Without oxygen, they can’t flourish. Gas stations have monitoring wells to keep track of possible contamination at the site and to determine how far the polluted water is able to spread beneath the earth.

Air sparging is a removal strategy for contamination. It injects oxygen into groundwater, which allows the bacteria to feed on the oil and, consequently, cleansing the groundwater of oil contamination. This can help preserve clean groundwater at service stations that are well-known for being contaminated. This is important because groundwater is the source of nearly 95% of the nation’s freshwatersupply, which is why is consumed by the majority of Americans on a daily basis.

When you pump your gas at a service station Be sure to adhere to the safety measures listed at the pump. This will not only ensure your safety, but it can also stop gasoline spills from happening.


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