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Preparing home for vacation While preparing for a vacation it is important to remember that there are many one who wants to relax on a break.

You can be harmed by those with a malicious intent and will take advantage that you are away. These could include your neighbours, burglars, housekeepers or cleaning women/males. Below are some helpful tips that can help you learn how to plan for your long-term vacation.

Draining the Pipes

An effective method of preparing your home for vacation is by draining the drain pipes. If you own a swimming backyard pool then drain it, and perform an emergency repair to your pool prior to departure for your holiday. As you clear of clogged drain lines, the sump pump needs to be taken out. Drain the drain line to your dishwasher using one or two of needle-nose pliers.

Check that the outside Hose bibs are closed and drain any excess water into outdoor spigots . This is done by attaching one of them to a hose and letting it run until they’re empty. Be sure to unlock any cabinet doors that are beneath sinks, and allow them to dry in the cabinet. If there is a water shut-off valve, make sure that you shut it off properly. Similarly, if there is a cut-off switch close to the water meter that is on your property, turn it off as well. When you’ve completed those tasks, it’s the right time to contact the plumber in your area for more instructions.

The Alarm System must be switched on

As with all of the other things to consider in the process of preparing your house to leave for the holidays, turning on the alarm is frequently not thought of. It is likely that you turn off the alarm before you leave and forget about it until somebody breaks in. But what if there was a way to make sure that it was disabled?

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