How to Fix Your Cars AC – Your Oil

is an important part of your daily life. It transports you wherever you want to get to. Many of us use our vehicle at least times per daily. The car is often used during heat and snow. Most cars are equipped with heating and air conditioning to deal with extreme conditions. In rare instances, however the AC might stop functioning and simply blows cold air. This is the last thing you want in the dead of summer. A possible solution is to bring your vehicle to an auto air conditioner repair shop. It is also possible to try fixing it yourself. In this video you’ll be taught how to resolve an issue that is among the most common AC troubles.

To begin, you must open the car’s hood. You then want to use the AC gauge to find the root of the problem. They aren’t expensive. The gauge can be put on the fitting for the low pressure. If the gauge reads zero, this means that there’s an air refrigerant leak someplace. The UV dye can be used to locate the leak. The system should last for several minutes after which you should wait for 10 minutes. You can now use an UV light to locate the problem.


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