Effective Press Release Writing and Publication

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Did you know that press release services publish at least 1,000 online press releases every day, and press release distribution is often much cheaper than traditional online advertising? Effective press releases, moreover, increase brand awareness and overall visibility. Many business owners do not realize, however, that press releases can also reflect poorly on a company. What is the best way to write and publish press releases?

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing Press Releases

Newswire services and the best press release sites can only accomplish so much. First and foremost, press releases must be well-written. What constitutes a well-written press release?

  • Newsworthy information. Filler does not constitute news. Companies need to release new information, and back up facts with reputable sources. Press releases can, according to Forbes, focus on a particularly newsworthy individual (dubbed an “authority press release”), or even offer valuable seasonal or time-sensitive information. The Wall Street Journal, for example, picked up a press release entitled, “Back-to-School Means Back-to-Sleep: Mattress Firm Provides Tips for Creating a Comfortable Sleep Environment; Getting Kids Back to a Healthy Sleep Routine.”
  • Avoid red flags. Newsworthy press releases typically consist of about four to five paragraphs, and they get straight to the point. Well-written press releases do not contain grammatical errors, unsubstantiated facts, or advertising. Press releases should remain completely objective, and avoid first-person and first-person plural perspectives.

What Should You Know Before Publishing Press Releases?

Assuming you are starting with a well-written press release, the next step is publication and distribution. What are the options for press release distribution?

  • Press release distribution services. Press release websites are gaining popularity. According to Forbes, distribution sites offer services at relatively inexpensive rates, and they often garner a considerable amount of traction and exposure for company press releases. Most services offer social media buttons, allowing readers to easily share press releases on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.
  • News wires. Companies use new wires in addition to press release distribution services, or as a standalone mechanism. Wire news services often specialize (meaning there are sports news wires, entertainment news wires, etc.), and submitting press releases to relevant wires can boost companies’ chances.

Well-written and well-placed press releases can be an invaluable marketing tool. Companies should keep in mind that press releases are for news only, and distribute well-written press releases on reasonably priced service pages. From there, valuable press releases are likely to be picked up by news wires, such as a sports news wire.

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