DSOs vs. Private Practices – The Dentist Review


mputer software, and machinery to work with local dentists.

Dental DSO firms often offer dental services to dentists living in remote areas. These dentists are still largely independent, similar to private practice. Their support staff will usually be provided. This means dentists can focus more time on their work.

Dentists who belong to of DSO organizations are given additional credibility due to brand recognition. Additionally, they, in general, receive greater. DSOs are expanding recently into larger cities and suburbs and have brought competition to the market and replaced private procedures.

In contrast private practice offers dentists more flexibility but more accountability. Since private practices employ less employees, it’s possible for those in charge of private practices to be able to take on extra administrative duties.

Controlling a business without a lot of regulations and standardizations means that private dentists can pick who they want to serve and possibly gain more income than dentists employed by DSOs. The private practice are likely to have a lower revenue than DSOs.

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