Car Maintenance Tips to Prevent Expensive Repairs – The Buy Me Blog

Negative maintenance helps to prevent problems that could have been avoided. This video explains the top tips to keep your car running well for long time to come.

Start by changing your oil every year, and every 3,000 miles. They are costly compared to oil, and the fluid is what fuels the engine. Old oil, in particular could block valves, causing engine damage that could cost thousands. Save money in maintenance costs using synthetic oils that lasts longer and is less expensive.

The third thing to consider is maintain your transmission on a regular basis. Every 30,000 miles, transmission fluid has to be replaced. If you own an oil filter to clean the transmission be sure to change it regularly as well. The most recent models can make use of synthetic transmission fluids, and do not require any adjustments to the oil (unless you live in a desert that’s dusty).

Find more details about car maintenance at this link.


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