An Interview With MOGO GPS Marketing and eCommerce Manager, Kristen Richardson

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We recently sat down with Kristen Richardson, the Marketing and eCommerce Manager at MOGO GPS. During our interview, Ms Richardson shared information about the company’s products and services as well as her vision for the future of MOGO GPS.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Kristen Richardson: After realising our passion for business technology, we identified the Gps tracking marketing as an area we could really make a mark in. Although there were a huge number of supplies, we saw a gap in the market; the small, time poor and web savvy businesses were not being serviced the best way possible.

Can you describe your business to us?

Kristen Richardson: MOGO is a small business that believes in using technology to make every day processes easier. We are a young team who are mad about online technology. We believe in giving people fair and honest value, and we do not take ourselves too seriously.

What has been the biggest surprise as a business owner?

Kristen Richardson: The biggest surprise for us lies in the consistent expansion of our tangent market. Initially, we set out to help small businesses in service based companies, those doing domestic and commercial cleaning, home maintenance, food delivery and so on. This small business segment of the market still makes up most of our client base, however over time this group has grown.

We now service locally based towing companies and even one large mining operator which is great going for a small to medium business like us.

Where do you see MOGO GPS in the next year?

Kristen Richardson: One use of our product we will look to streamline much sooner is around logbook reporting. With the recent change in FBT guidelines we have a chance to make next year’s tax period a lot easier for many employees who have either employer provided cars or privately owned salary sacrificed cars.

In the next year we see ourselves continuing to grow our client base and enhance our product offer with more dashboard based reporting for PC users and enhanced functionality for our tablet and mobile users as well. With the growth of mobile usage in the Australian market alone we see our product encompassing lots of line and functionality extension in this space, but we will have to keep those functions under wraps for now.

Kristen Richardson is the Marketing and eCommerce Manager at MOGO GPS, which has been faithfully serving its customers in Australia for the past six years. To learn more about MOGO GPS, please visit References:

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