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If the neighbor is in agreement that you are able to install the fundamental water supply system on their land, it is important to get permission in writing. This provides you with evidence that you have been allowed to build a well in their property. In addition, you should possess the right-of-way for your well documented in writing. Also, this will ensure that you can gain access to the well for issues like servicing and repairs even though the well is located on their property.
Do not install your well too Near the Septic Drainage Field

You should make sure you don’t have any nearby areas of septic drainage when you install a new well. Don’t you want to have an aquisition that’s been contaminated with Fecal matter. When feces enters your mouth, you can be very sick and possibly end up dying, which can happen when your well is situated close to a drainage field. Even though soil is effective at filtering out bacteria, the water needs to pass through the soil for it to be eliminated. So long as you’re well outside this distance and you don’t face any difficulties with the water being contaminated.

There are a variety of variables that determine the amount of distance that must be the minimum distance between your well irrigation system and the drainage field. As an example, you need to consider how far from the water table that the drainage field for the septic. It is important to consider the way in which groundwater is flowing. Different soils come with different ways to filter water. Therefore, the type of soil must be taken into consideration as well. If you choose to hire a well drilling service, they will know how far the well will need to be from the drainage area for septic. The factors used are those that calculate the distance between the well itself and drain field for septic.

Animal Pens are best avoided

Do you have any animal pen within your home? If you do, be sure to keep your water away from the pens. If you have several animals that have their waste in the confines of a space the result will be a high concentration of bacteria within that area. It is not recommended to place your water source close to the water source.


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