10 Best Upgrades for a House On the Beach – Beach House 411

the moisture-heavy air, saltwater corrosion, intense sunlight, and strong winds the windows need to be as weatherproof as you can. Expert window installers from your region should be able to provide advice about the most suitable upgrades to a house window. Listed below are some factors you should consider:
Impact Resistance Glass – install impact-rated glass that is able to withstand windstorms’ violent wind. There is also the option of installing windows that have DP-50 for essential protection. Protection against storms is made to reinforce the windows to withstand impact. One option is that it is not necessary to place plywood panels on the windows, or even close them for storms. To reduce heat flow make use of low-e glasses. You can also look out the Energy Star or NFRC labels to show your efficiency in energy. The NFRC label should show specific values including the U-Factor (how well the window keeps heat in) as well as the Solar thermal gain (how the window is able to resist heat gain) and the visible transmittance (how the light is able to pass through), and air leakage(a smaller figure indicates the less drafts). For warranty, look for a unprorated and transferable 20 year guarantee on glass. The non-glass parts should get a warranty that’s at minimum 10 years. The larger companies typically offer these types of solid warranties.

The robust laminated coastal windows come with added benefits such as better security since they are much stronger and less likely to fall. If your home is not used for a large portion of the year This is a huge perk. Additionally, you get sound-dissipation as well as UV protection. Window frames made from fiberglass, which is extremely strong and long-lasting, can withstand tough coastal environments. However, it is expensive, so you may want to think about aluminum or vinyl frames. Wood can also be a good option however it requires a lot of upkeep. There are various kinds of windows that are available.


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